I want to make something! What do I do now?

Follow the steps to make a reservation

I want to make it myself, but still need assistance

No problem! This is what our open walk-in is for.

What is open walk-in?

During the open walk-in you can just walk in and look around at what is happening in the lab. You can ask our staff for advice (e.g. on material selection) and work on small projects with our machines. Come and have a look, and be inspired by the makers and projects around you.

Advice is not execution! If you want drawings or them to operate the machines for you, then you want the Fablab to do something for you and you should be at the right box.

Opening hours (for now on reservation)

Thursday at the Smartlab in the Forum from 18:00-21:00 and focuses on 3D printing and scanning.

Friday from 10:00-14:00

Saturday from 10:00 – 14:00. Call 050 2111629 for entrance.

How it works.

When you make something you pay the startup costs (€10) + materials (you can bring your own) and costs for using the machine.

See the price list here.

I can make it myself

Because, I have taken a course or already have X experience with this machine.

Great! In that case you are also welcome outside the open walk-in to make a separate reservation.

By appointment, what does that involve?

If you already know what you want, you can also reserve a machine. In consultation with us you can reserve the machine for as long as you want. Agreements will be made about the type and amount of material you will use.

How does it work?

You can rent the different machines during the whole week, except during open hours.

You pay for the rent of the machine + material (bring your own if desired).

What is made at these times does not necessarily have to be shared, although this is of course allowed.

I want Fablab to make it for me

Do you want something made, but don’t have the right skillset (yet) or simply don’t have the time and want the Fablab to do it for you? You can. Among other things, we offer to:

  • Make 2D and 3D designs and drawings
  • make designs with our machines
  • take on specialized assignments
  • production work

What does it cost?

You can find our price list here. Please note that when we perform these types of services for you we charge for materials and labor. If you wish, you may also provide your own materials.

What machine do you want to use?