FabLab Groningen: MakersEducation

Maker education is learning by making. This is through trial and error, trial and error, trying out many new things in order to ultimately stimulate the curiosity and creativity of your students, teach them new techniques and gain a great deal of knowledge. It teaches them to use technology for a sustainable society, in which they can actively and critically participate. As a teacher, starting with social engineering education is often the hardest part. Would you therefore like to work with a group of enthusiastic colleagues on a learning environment in which you stimulate students to become young inventors who will soon be able to apply responsible and solution-oriented technology in the sustainable society? Then the Company DOT (Teacher Development Team) is for you!

In the Company DOT you are part of a network of makers, a development team. You school yourself and each other in the different techniques that come together in the E-Lab or FabLab. As a participant of the Company DOT, you learn to turn your inspiration and ideas into concrete lessons. We work with different digital techniques and fabrication in which the 21st century skills are developed: not only in ICT, but also ‘communicating’, ‘creative, critical and solution-oriented thinking’, and ‘cooperation’ play a major role.

Various themes will be discussed, from virtual reality to 3D printing, from programming to the Internet of Things. Under the guidance of experts from the FabLab Groningen you will work on one or more topics of your choice. As a participant, you will learn how to work with these techniques in a practical and free form in the FabLab, one of the E-Labs or other labs and inspiring (making) environments. FabLab offers support and where possible the means to make the lessons actually applicable. For this purpose we approach external experts where necessary (also outside the meetings). For those who are interested, we can provide a floor to continue at home or at school.

We would love to present the end result at the Maker Faire in 2021.

Does this appeal to you? Then sign up for the Company DOT!

(The link will send you to the RUG website, Science LinX, where you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page).